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Cannonball Characters

The now-famous coast-to-coast Motorcycle Cannonball Run, held every other year, was a century race during 2016 as riders set off on 100-plus-year-old motorcycles to endure the weather’s wrath and wild times of over 3,300 miles along the back roads of America. Thunder Press is delighted to introduce some of the colorful characters that made that extraordinary ride

Cannonball Characters: Lonnie Isam Jr.

Lonnie Isam Jr. 1916 Harley-Davidson In order to truly understand the spirit of the Motorcycle Cannonball, you have to first know the man who initially struck the spark of interest in the antique motorcycle wildfire that has burned its way around the world. When Lonnie sent out calls to antique riding friends to join him for a run to traverse ...

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Cannonball Characters: #17 Rick Salisbury

#17 Rick Salisbury 1916 Excelsior Rick has ridden in three of the four Motorcycle Cannonball Runs and is signed up to tackle it again in 2018. As owner of a motorcycle emporium that carries vintage motorcycles, he has his choice of machines to get him across the country and Rick’s proven his respect for all marques by arriving at the ...

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Cannonball Characters: #45 Jon Szalay

#45 Jon Szalay 1915 Thor Jon Szalay is a two-time Motorcycle Cannonballer, having been a part of the original group of rough riders on the inaugural trip from Kitty Hawk to the Santa Monica Pier in 2010. Jon is a skilled craftsman who lives and works in a restored bank where the bathroom was originally the bank’s vault and still ...

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Cannonball Characters: #74 Rowdy Schenck

#74 Rowdy Schenck 1915 Harley-Davidson Hailing from Carlsbad, New Mexico, we’re not sure how Rowdy got his handle but it’s a sure thing that the name fits. As a return rider, the long, lanky, fun and rowdy guy is signed up to do it again in 2018, which was a surprise to both officials and himself. “I was done with ...

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Cannonball Characters: #120 Dave Minerva

#120 Dave Minerva 1916 Harley-Davidson Dave had heard about the Cannonball for some time and was interested in the run, but when he found out the start would be less than 40 miles from his house, he decided there was no way he could skip riding in the 2016 Century Race. His family gathered at the starting line to wish ...

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Cannonball Characters: #56 Victor Boocock

#56 Victor Boocock 1914 Harley-Davidson If there is ever an official Good Will Ambassador of Antique Motorcycling, the charming and convivial Victor Boocock would certainly qualify. The California resident came to America from England in 1964 but he and his wife of over 46-years, also an England native, planned to return to their homeland after retirement. That doesn’t seem to ...

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Cannonball Characters: #43 Dave Volnek

#43 Dave Volnek 1913 Indian During the 2014 Cannonball, Dave had signed up to come along as support and mechanic for his friend Jeff Lauritsen, who was a registered rider. Being pit crew and wheelman is a full-time job all on its own, but Dave ended up putting on some miles on the Lauritsen bike, too. Being in the wind ...

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Cannonball Characters: #52 Stephen “Doc” Hopkins

#52 Stephen “Doc” Hopkins 1916 Harley-Davidson with wicker sidecar Doc, who earned his nickname after receiving his doctoral in mechanics, was part of a team that managed to navigate his handsome machine across every single mile of the difficult route that spanned 15 states. The Doc ’n’ Dawn duo came in 10th overall and became the first couple to complete ...

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Cannonball Characters: #29 Ryan Allen

#29 Ryan Allen 1916 Indian Powerplus The 2016 Cannonball was not the first go-round for the gregarious rider #29, Ryan Allen. The New Mexico native cool kid had ridden a 1929 Indian Scout in the 2014 run so he was well aware of what to expect for the next iteration, all except for the part about riding a machine more ...

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