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Motorhead Memo: Head stroking

Couple of things we need to get through in the space allotted. Let’s start with the two 114” M-8 engines, one supplied stock or optional and one a Screamin’ Eagle upgrade to the base M-8 engine. As you’d imagine, the two engines have much different characteristics. But deep at heart, the main thing is the stroke… uh… strokes. You wouldn’t ...

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Kulture Clash: The inside lane

I have known your THUNDER PRESS Editor-in-Chief, Shadow, for more than a few decades. A little while ago she asked if I would consider writing a column for THUNDER PRESS seeing as how I had worked in almost every aspect of the industry. Before I start rambling on about what is right and wrong with the motorcycle industry I thought ...

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Bullin’ Through Life: Health food

Howdy! Grab a chair an’ a beer! Well, we just got over the traditional Thanksgiving feast, an’ if you’re like me, you stuffed every last bite your stomach could hold down your gullet, then jumped up an’ down to make room for dessert. I never could resist pumpkin pie with lots of whipped cream! When I was younger, I used ...

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Rear View Mirror: 1998—A very important date

1998 Road King Classic

The world • Europe agrees on a common currency—the Euro. Got change for a farthing, franc, or pfennig? • Google was founded… go ahead; Google it! • The largest airport in the world opens…on the little island of Hong Kong. Can you say “made in China?” • Microsoft becomes the biggest company in the world, a la Windows 98 The ...

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Spare Parts: Triumphant return

It’s been awhile since I found myself pushing a bike because it was out of gas, yet here I was inching closer to the gas station one step at a time. The gas station was conveniently located uphill from my current location. They always are. Unlike many of life’s lesson-learning moments, this one was not of my doing, unless you ...

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Free Range: Road trip

Free Range Icon

My first street bike came to me in the most unconventional of ways. A gal I knew had been gifted the bike from her boyfriend, who just happened to be my father-in-law. He’d lovingly built the bike from the ground up and filled her head with stories of how much fun it would be when the two of them could ...

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Motorhead Memo: The new Softail: Classy Chassis (Part II)

Last time around we talked briefly about a few of the neat (and unsung) supporting players in the total redesign of the 2018 Softails. This time… let’s dig a little deeper into the engine and chassis combo that’s got everyone rethinking Harley’s cruiser image. Or should! After all… dynamically… about the only thing these new machines have in common with ...

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One for the Road: Turning the tide

The announcement came just a few days ago, early Saturday morning. According to the V-Twin Expo’s Facebook page and website, the annual industry trade show has been canceled, and I quote, “due to factors beyond our control, which ultimately affect the overall event quality.” Although not shocking news by any means—parent company Paisano Publications has put the entire Easyriders magazine ...

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Savage Roads: The Davidson Legacy

Angus, Scotland, Aug. 11–19—As a 42-year veteran Harley rider, and a 35-year career world touring musician, I have seen a great deal of the world and ridden in many countries on almost every continent. I started out my life studying to be a filmmaker in the mid-’70s when we actually had to splice bits of film together with tape. I ...

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Almost Fiction: “Chopper Bob” and the gang

“I can’t remember. Did I tell you about the guys who hung around Chopper Bob’s motorcycle shop?” This is the way I remember Chopper Bob, his girlfriend Gypsy (who was a real sideshow fortune teller), Stump, Oily Red, Hilly and the guy who wore bell bottom pants and never got a nickname. Back in the late ’60s… well… let’s just ...

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