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One for the Road: Rollercoaster ride

“Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering, ‘It will be happier’…” So wrote 19th century poet Alfred Lord Tennyson. And most famous quotes for the new year seem to reflect the same philosophy. But this year, in trying to look optimistically toward the future, I found myself looking backward. I figure, to know where I’m going, ...

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Almost Fiction: Called himself lucky

The brand new lieutenant, “just shipped in from the world,” had led them into a bad place. The Viet Cong were set up and waiting. Being the experienced point man of the patrol he saw the trap soon enough to warn those behind him but he was out front, naked, on his own. At first sound he dove into a ...

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Bullin’ Through Life: Collectibles, stuff and junk

Howdy! Grab a chair an’ a beer! Let’s talk about stuff. Your wife has knick-knacks, collectibles, heirlooms, or things. Big or small, they all have a place and a story. You, on the other hand, have stuff. If it’s visible outside your chosen hidey-hole (usually the garage), it becomes junk, as in “get rid of that junk behind the garage!” ...

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Kulture Clash: Lend a hand, brother and sister!

I intended to follow up my explanation of the different motorcycle cultures with some of the examples of the cultural clashes that developed during each period. We will get to that later but for now there is something bugging me that I just have to address. There is a major concern that the motorcycle industry is fading away as the ...

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Almost Fiction: Camping, a cold and grizzly bears

I have been fighting this damned cold for more than a week. It just hangs on refusing to pay any attention to my attempts to kill it. Robitussin, ibuprofen, aspirin, chicken soup, pizza, whiskey have all taken the edge off but none have succeeded in the kill shot; none have plunged a dagger into this cold, cutting its guts out, ...

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Savage Roads: The Land of the Midnight Sun

Photos by Pat Savage and Arctic H.O.G. Chapter Northern Norway—While living in Stavanger, Norway, I was booked to perform at the Arctic Circle H.O.G. Rally in in Ballangen, as well as filming the first episode of my biker adventure series The Savage Roads with my hosts, the Arctic H.O.G. Chapter. My young cameraman Odin Omdal and I flew up to ...

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Rear View Mirror: Millennium Fool-Cons

The world • Gisbourne, New Zealand, population 32,754 is the first city in the world to experience the new millennium and apparently all three of their computers kept working. Surprised the hell outta all the Y2K doomsayers! (The other surprise… computers tell us that the new century didn’t really begin until 2001.) • A rare century leap-year date occurs. Usually, ...

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One for the Road: Obsessed

Much as I was tempted to ride my 1982 FXRS, Foxy Lady, to Sturgis, I left only three days after I acquired her. So, I adhered to the adage, “Discretion is the better part of valor,” and left her with my friend and fellow AMCA Colonial Chapter member Rob Nussbaum at Retrocycle. Rob promised that he’d have his tech Ryan ...

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Free Range: Free fun

Free Range Icon

I’ve made my way back to Arizona for the winter. Again. It’s been home for the last three winters and is an arrangement I’m looking at as permanent, or at least as permanent as there is in the life of a drifter, I suppose. It’s the perfect place to lay up while waiting for Mother Nature to bless us all ...

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Almost Fiction: The boarding house

There was an iron bed with clean sheets, a wool blanket, a white chenille bedspread and a handmade quilt at the foot. In the corner was a nightstand holding a lamp, a Gideon Bible and a book of Edgar Allen Poe’s short stories and poems. Against the left wall was a chest of drawers with two neatly folded clean towels ...

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