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Arnott Ultimate Ride Kit

Glide your ride 2009–2018 H-D Touring Series Ultimate Ride Kit w/Rebound Adjustment #MC-2904, $1,599 Motorcycle Handlebar Switch Pressure Gauge #K-3114, $299 Arnott Motorcycle Air Suspension arnottcycles.com In 2007, Harley-Davidson introduced the 96” Twin Cam and six-speed transmission, resulting in a redesign of the primary case. Due to the widening of the primary, the Touring model line was now out of ...

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Soul Rider: Challenge to the psyche

Facing Fear and Finding Redemption on a Harley by Carolyn Fox Skyhorse Publishing, $11.55, 263pp. Available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and independent booksellers In the course of every life, few dodge the ups, downs and points between. It can be a wild ride, regardless of conveyance. The difference between the baggage author Carolyn Fox packed for the road and ...

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Cruise Drive Smooth Shift Kit: Smooth operator

BAKER Drivetrain $399 P/N 602-CD6 bakerdrivetrain.com The Milwaukee-Eight engine, introduced in the model year 2017 Touring bikes, came with a redesigned clutch and enhanced transmission, which together produce a powerful package outshining anything that’s come before. However, as I learned shortly after I acquired my 2017 Road King, there’s still room for improvement, specifically in the realm of “finding neutral.” ...

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Black Classic Pac-A-Derms: Protection perfection

Big Bike Parts $119.95 P/N HD90-117BK bigbikeparts.com When I bought my Road King last autumn, it wasn’t long before the weather turned cold and I started looking for solutions to help me keep warm while on the bike. The first thing I did was purchase a set of soft lowers to put onto the front engine guards, hoping to keep ...

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2018 H-D Softail Press Launch: Blasting through the shock barrier

Los Angeles, Calif., Aug. 27–29—On the evening of August 22, the new 2018 Harley-Davidson models emerged from hiding and into the light, with details instantly available on every media you could imagine (and some you couldn’t). The capsule commentary? With the exception of cosmetics and color changes, nothing much to talk about in the Street line. Ditto for the Sportsters. ...

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