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And then they said… Letters to the Editor

Got something on your mind? Write us! Letter may be edited; that's EDITED, not censored. And it's easier than ever to send them. Click here to submit your letter.
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Show and Tell Me State

Hey Sam, If any of your travels brings you in the vicinity of Kansas City, we have an available room, bed, and bath. Or you can set up your tent in our yard. Or I could just share some touristy information. I’ve only toured through 41 states, a few Canadian Provinces, and a few Mexican border towns. However, I am ...

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Salutations from the web

Mongo: Just saw the article you did about the Black Widows Poker Run last year, I didn’t see it because it wasn’t in the November issue and the next two months the store was out of them! I did the calendar last week and spoke with Hannah and she forwarded it to me. Wow what a great article and photos, ...

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Seeing Earl

Hi Felicia … It’s been a while since we last exchanged emails … Been over two years based on our e-mail history below! Where has the time gone huh? As I recall the last time we chatted you wanted to interview Earl who has since stopped riding (he is 93 now I believe). He quit riding at the end of ...

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Wheels through the East

Hey Felicia, how ya doin’? Thought I would drop you a line again, as I am still waiting for that visit to my office (Starbucks in Sunset Beach, California) right on PCH in Huntington Beach, CA. Wrote you after my trip last year, mentioned I just got back from East Coast. Well, just returned last week from trip back east ...

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Awesome Biker Nights

Fred Nabkey: Please understand I am speaking on my own behalf and not for any other board member or charity benefiting from ABN efforts. I was more than alarmed while reading your column in Thunder Press’s latest issue. Implying Awesome Biker Nights was somehow forced by someone to downsize to a “parking lot” is just plain wrong! After 16 years ...

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What doesn’t kill you…

To whom it may concern (or not): I just came back from a ride to my local dealers with my April copy and read about Felicia Morgan’s desire for memorable ride stories. I’ve been riding for 50 years so I have quite a few. After reading Robert Filla’s column, however, one particular one came to mind. It was in the ...

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Response to “Unfan Shadow”

This references a letter from Charles Marrone which caught my interest, as do most of Shadow’s writings on Facebook and Thunder Press’s “One for the Road,” when they reference distance motorcycle-riding tips. As I read through the initial comments, a smile came over me. I was surprised a biker or enthusiast would make such a comment. The sentiment was that ...

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Destination: Arizona

Felicia Morgan: I really appreciate your articles on and about riding in Arizona. I’ve traveled a bit in my days (they aren’t over yet!) and have been through some beautiful and fun parts of our country. You’ve inspired me to check out Arizona when I’m up and rollin’ (soon). Arizona will definitely be a destination thanks to your exploring and ...

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Unfan Shadow

I love your magazine and have been reading it for years. I don’t understand “One for the Road.” Is that written to give customers an idea how to relate to problems that may arise on the road and the breakdowns are not real? If she breaks down as often as she does in every month’s article, she needs a new ...

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