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Saddlebag Gun Holster Kit: Lock ’n’ Load

Innovative Storage Solutions LLC Sizes S–XL ($39.95-$45.95) storagepouches.com Since someone first strapped an engine to two wheels, the safety nannies have bawled about the dangers of motorcycling. Yet bikers embraced the risks, acknowledging that the thrill outweighs the peril. But it seems the world is becoming increasingly hostile and, as good ol’ terra firma lists a little more to the ...

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MSX1 Rear View Helmet: Eyes in the back of your head

Reevu reevuamerica.com 877.766.2668 $399.99 So-called “smart helmets” have been in the news lately, mainly due to the spectacular failure of Skully, the now-defunct startup company that was leading the “smart helmet” charge. However, Reevu has been offering riders a viable rear-view system in its helmets for many years, and the latest MSX1 Rear View Helmet design boasts some features, which ...

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The Women’s Guide to Motorcycling Review: Grab bag of facts, fun and sound advice

by Lynda Lahman Luminamedia.com $24.95 With the 35 percent growth of women motorcyclists between 2003 and 2012, companies are finally taking notice and letting women ride on their own terms. The Women’s Guide to Motorcycling: Everything a Woman Needs to Know about Bikes, Equipment, Riding, and Safety by Lynda Lahman takes the past, the present and the future of women ...

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2×2 Cycles Bicycle Rack: Why Not Do Both?

For riders who love to get their two-wheeled fix through pedal power as well as petroleum power, the choice can be tough; do I get my thrill, clear my head, and escape today by burning calories or burning fossil fuel? I’m normally of one mind or the other, and am much more likely to crank the throttle than I am ...

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JET Air Cleaner: Speedy and stylish

Out of the box is the air cleaner with backing plate, a mounting gasket, three bolts for mounting the air cleaner to the carb, two special breather bolts with two spacers, and a pair of breather ducts to keep crankcase vapors from leaving oily residue inside the body of the air cleaner

Performance Machine #0206-2114-SMB, $499.95 performancemachine.com There are tons of good reasons for bolting up a new air cleaner on your motorcycle. Sometimes it’s part of the larger quest for more speed and power, where getting the right quantity of air in smoothly can make the difference between a bike you love to ride and one you hate to wrestle with. ...

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Boot Draggers: Getting a leg up

BadJack Machine, LLC badjackmachine.com Last year while wandering through the ThunderDome at the Republic of Texas Biker Rally in Austin, I stumbled across Phil Grgurich, owner of BadJack Machine. Since my heritage includes a healthy dose of Czech, I figured if nothing else Phil’s surname might make for some interesting conversation. And then he introduced me to the company’s latest ...

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Daymaker 5-3/4″ LED Headlamp Kit: To see and be seen

The Daymaker has one optical lens for low beam and three for high, giving it a futuristic look that complements the Dyna’s blacked-out appearance

Harley-Davidson #67700145, $399.95 Harley-Davidson.com In 1999, when my 2000 FXD was manufactured, halogen headlights were pretty much de rigueur. But I soon found that that they didn’t quite do the job while I was riding at night. I tried a series of higher-candlepower H4 bulbs until I found one that didn’t melt and cause the low beam to go out. ...

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Classic Butt Buffer Top Cushion: Cushy tush

The Butt Buffer can be placed narrow edge forward to fit the shape of the seat (left photo), or it can be placed wide edge forward to provide some padding for the thighs. Note that the photo on the right, with the wide edge forward, also illustrates the included strap-and-clip system to fasten the cushion to the seat.

Butt Buffer Starting at $55.50 Buttbuffer.com The aftermarket seat on my 2000 FXD has been quite comfortable for the decade or so since I’ve been using it. But even with the memory foam and gel I had inserted inside, my butt would still get numb and my sciatica would kick in after a few hundred miles, sometimes putting a premature ...

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