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The A1A Alternative: Stepping off the Interstate

Coastal highway A1A provides plenty of opportunities to pull over and take a stroll in the sand or a dip in the ocean

Jacksonville To Daytona Beach, Fla.—When asked about my normal ride route from Houston to Daytona for Bike Week, my answer is often taken as a smart-ass reply. “Just jump on I-10 heading east, ride for 900 miles and then… take a right for another 100 down I-95.” Unfortunately, as flippant as that response might seem, due to press cycles and ...

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Covered Bridges of Ashtabula County: Off the beaten path

View of the Harpersfield Bridge from the river bank

Ashtabula County, Ohio—On a sunny Sunday in mid-October, the fall colors were abundant and the weather was perfect for a ride. My friend Chuck Wiley and I decided to meet for breakfast and spend the day riding. Chuck suggested we ride some of the covered bridges in our area and I was on board with that idea. I was thinking ...

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West Virginia Tour: Heaven on two wheels

The West Virginia State Penitentiary provides a gothic backdrop for my FLD and Thundercloud and her CVO Street Glide

West Virginia, July 3–14—“Wild and Wonderful” is one of the tourism slogans for West Virginia, and the state has put a lot of effort into attracting motorcycle riders. With 38,759 miles of public roads wholly contained within the Appalachian region, it’s a motorcyclist’s dream. So THUNDER PRESS contributor Thundercloud and I chose the Mountain State for our 2015 summer tour. ...

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Touring the Lassen National Forest: My idea of California dreamin’

Touring the Lassen National Forest

Chico To Lake Almanor, Calif.—I moved from Chico, California, to Minneapolis, Minnesota, about eight years ago. “Why?” is typically the first response to that statement. Shortly after the move I started riding. No matter how much I explore and continue to fall in love with Minnesota, I always find myself thinking about the college road trips up to the northern ...

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A taste of the Keys: No bones about it

The southernmost point marker

Cayo Hueso, Fla.—Daytona Bike Week and you’re probably saying, “Been there, done that,” but damn it’s March and I want to ride! Obviously, the farther south you go the warmer the weather and, after suffering through another northern winter, the idea of riding as far south as possible has considerable appeal. Daytona Beach is a good place to say goodbye ...

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Door County Tour: Ride to Death’s Door

Door County, Wis., Sept. 25–28—One thing we’ve learned here at THUNDER PRESS, being the clever crew of thrill-seeking adventurers that we are, is that anytime one gets an invitation to tour an unusual location, one does not hesitate. Instead, our motley crew tends to jump on such offers like monkeys on a cupcake so when the daring and highly curious ...

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Oregon Highway 205: Off the beaten track

Oregon's Highway 205 with Mount Hood off in the distance

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. — Robert Frost, 1920 I have always preferred taking the “road less traveled.” Perhaps that’s why I love the open road, and over my many years of riding I have taken scores of those roads, both figuratively and ...

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Twisted West Virginia Tour: One electrifying ride

Stop and enjoy the Sandstone Falls State Park on the new River

This particular expedition began on a good note since the day before when a group of friends and I had ridden 300 miles in constant rain while crossing North Carolina. But today the sun was shining as we left our motel in Princeton, West Virginia, and the weather forecast was identical for the next two days. (The way this ride ...

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Ohio Tail of the Dragon: In search of a legend

As a child growing up in northwest Ohio, I thought all roads were straight, flat and had a cornfield on both sides. In my adult years I have been fortunate enough to have been able to ride in 49 states and most of Canada, traversing some of the greatest motorcycle roads on the map. One of the most heralded roads ...

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Cruising Southern Washington: Expanded horizons

Cruising Southern Washington under the watchful eye of Mt. St Helens

This summer I have been trying to stretch my comfort zone and have been on a quest for the perfect back road. Often, we find ourselves going on the same road to the coast or another ride to the Gorge. Now don’t get me wrong, when you live in the Pacific Northwest choosing a beautiful road is as easy as ...

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