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Riding historic Highway 30 in Oregon

Tracing the footsteps of Lewis and Clark from scenic vistas atop the Columbia River Gorge

Well, folks, it’s getting to be that time in the Northwest; rain has arrived and, for most, the bike gets parked for the winter. I was set to join a beautiful ride out to Maupin to enjoy the fall foliage when the threat of a fall storm was all the buzz after a record-breaking dry spell. That “most” group cancelled ...

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Top of the World Highway

The ride from Whitehorse to Dawson was cold and wet. All I could think of was, “If it is raining on the Top of the World Highway there is no way we will ride it!” Top of the World Highway is hard-pack gravel with some short stretches of pavement on the Yukon side, but it turns to hard-pack dirt on ...

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Central Catskills Scenic Byway

Upstate getaway Majestic mountains and rambling rivers About two hours north of New York City lies State Route 28, a portion of which, in combination with several other roads, is soon to be designated as the Central Catskills Scenic Byway. It is truly a fitting description for this wonderful series of rural roads that is mostly contained within the 700,000-acre ...

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Exploring New Hampshire

Mt. Washington Auto Road

Granite State attractions Day tripping away from Laconia Once upon a time Laconia Motorcycle Week was a weeklong party, but the times they are a’ changing. Surely a day, maybe two, can be spent at the New Hampshire Speedway enjoying vintage racing, sidehacks and Superbike competition in Loudon. Rain or shine, most of Wednesday is spent watching competitors tackle the ...

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Motorcycle tour through Newport, Rhode Island

Newport, Rhode Island, Harbor

Motorcycling to mansions It’s only 48 miles north to south and 37 miles east to west, but the smallest state in the U.S. has a history that is more voluminous than that of Texas and Alaska combined. Roger Williams founded Providence Plantations and established the first working democracy in 1636 after being banished from the Puritan colony of Plymouth for ...

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The Cassiar Highway

South to Alaska Scenic delights on the road less traveled After two weeks touring Alaska I was headed back south on the Alaska-Canadian Highway, also known as the Alaska Highway or simply the ALCAN. I never like to ride the same highway twice if I can help it and I did have another choice for the ride home. I had ...

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Biking in the Berkshires

New England inspiration Exploring the hills of western Massachusetts Moby Dick is crowned by a lighthouse, not Ishmael’s harpoon, although what the great white whale and a lighthouse are doing so far from the sea are two separate stories that become one only because I’m here. The Berkshire Region of Massachusetts lies west of the Connecticut River and extends to ...

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Touring the coast of Maine

Heading up Down East A maritime meander EASTERN MAINE—It’s 10:00 in the morning and already the heat wave is pushing for a new record. Traffic is at a crawl and I’m watching my oil temperature gauge like a hawk while I lurch up Route 1A in a series of first-gear bursts punctuated by bouts of idling. From Kittery, Maine, to ...

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The Richardson Highway

Glacial getaway Touring Alaska’s first major road Alaska’s Richardson Highway traverses some of the most scenic country in the world. I’d ridden there as part of an 11,000-mile, 31-day journey from my home in Ohio, and if I were asked to rate the various highways in Alaska, I would place the South Segment of the Richardson from Glennallen to Valdez ...

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Bay of Fundy Tour

Riding the tide Cruising through a land of extremes Like something out of a Stephen King novel, the fog–a cold, bone-chilling density–rides the tidal bore as it rushes across the vast plain. Advancing faster than a person can run is a volume of seawater equaling that of all fresh water rivers in the world. In six hours this land will ...

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