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Photo Blog: Motorcycle Cannonball 2016, September 11–12

Chillicothe, Ohio, Sep 13—The Motorcycle Cannonball is, without doubt, the most unique motorcycle run in the world. And those are big words, even in the world of overstated grandeur, but I offer you proof. No other promoter in history has ever organized a transcontinental run on any conveyance—be it on four wheels, two wheels, plane or train—that includes vehicles 100-years ...

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Photo Blog: Motorcycle Cannonball 2016, September 10

Atlantic City, N.J., Sep. 10—Motorcycle enthusiasts crowded on the Atlantic City Boardwalk to cheer 90 riders on 100 plus year old machines as they set off for their transcontinental journey across 15 States on Saturday morning. It wasn’t long before sweep trailers were loaded with bikes suffering from a variety of ailments. Tragedy struck when John Pfeifer, rider #36, helplessly watched ...

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