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In Roads-#91

#91 In Roads-Transplant   The city of Sturgis is slowly morphing into the town that residents call home. The temporary structures on Main Street are being disassembled, tents are disappearing from front lawns and quiet has returned to the Black Hills. It’s back to the Mayberry way of life. A local restaurant has brought back its regular menu, the one ...

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In Roads-#90

#90 In Roads-Bar babe   We’re out on a photo safari and swing by the Full Throttle to see what’s going on. The place looks like K-Mart. Tshirts are strewn on tables in huge piles and racks of women’s wear blocks access to the stage area where bands were playing just a week ago. There are a handful of people ...

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In Roads-#89

#89 In Roads-Man of the cloth     Dan plans to officiate over the renewal of wedding vows for his childhood friend next year and the two men are discussing the particulars. He doesn’t strike me as a minister kind of guy as he offers his opinion on where the couple should stand for the ceremony. He’s tall, tanned and ...

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In Roads-#88

#88 In Roads-New chapter   It’s been a tough few years for Martha, but life has taken on a new patina. The newly retired postal worker is in South Dakota with an old friend and a new love. It just so happens the old and new are one in the same After decades of illness, her husband passed away last ...

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In Roads-#87

#87 In Roads-Dysko   There’s something about this 26-year old that makes me like him immediately. Maybe it’s that he’s a fellow Texan and his faint hint of accent calls to me, or maybe it’s the bright light in his eyes that tells me he’s an intelligent guy. Maybe it’s the smile. Whatever it is, I feel we’ll be friends ...

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In Roads-#86

  #86 In Roads-Funny guy   There’s a group of guys who ride in from their various states in the Midwest to meet up once a year. I’m just meeting the clan for the first time. Struggling with that nasty shy thing I sit on the periphery and watch as they greet one another and get caught up on each ...

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In Roads-#85

#85 In Roads-Rachel   A cute chick is hobbling around Sturgis with a pain patch, a cane and a smile. The motorcycle-loving beauty was a passenger on her husband’s 2002 Dyna in April when they were rear-ended in SoCal. She suffered multiple fractures to include several ribs and a broken pelvis. Rachel and her man are very close. Outside of ...

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In Roads-#84

#84 In Roads-Bikers behaving badly   I’m at the rental house for our crew in Sturgis. It’s above the fray in a quiet residential area where families watch the colorful sunsets as deer mosey across their lawns in the evening. It a nice place to escape to after the chaos of rally. The next-door neighbors are a collection of riders, ...

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In Roads-#83

#83 In Roads-Papa Ed   Today’s new acquaintance is introduced to me through a mutual friend. We find common ground in discussing our children. As a father of three, he’s happy to have his 26-year old son, the youngest, back home. “He’s that kid who, just to see his smile gives you that feeling, you know? If you need something ...

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Photo Blog: Tuesday at the 74th annual Sturgis Rally

Gordon and his creations have been featured on Counting Cars

STURGIS, S.D.—Two full (official) days of the 74th annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally are in our rear-view mirrors. We’ve got our crew scouring Lazelle and Main Streets and every alleyway and side street in between for all the action. Shadow checks in with a few photos from the downtown Sturgis action, including a few shots from inside the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum and ...

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