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2016 Motorcycle Cannonball: #80 Little Details

#80 Shinya’s bike shows the love and care of a mechanical artisan. Shinya Kimura, owner of Chabott Engineering, is a Japanese born Custom motorcycle builder. He has ridden this motorcycle in every Motorcycle Cannonball to date. He will ride it again in the 2018 Motorcycle Cannonball. Click here to subscribe to Runnin’ Rabbits Films on YouTube and click here to ...

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Cannonball Characters: #18 Doug Feinsod

#18 Doug Feinsod

#18 Doug Feinsod 1913 Thor Located somewhere deep in the Pacific Coast Range of Northern California, rider number 18 is the owner of Santa Cruz Vintage Cycles and he keeps himself quite busy with the business of buying, selling and swapping old motorcycles. Doug is one of only two riders who have managed to experience the transcontinental adventures of each ...

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Thor Losers, Motorcycle Cannonball 2016

I was following Douglas Feinsod and Jon Szalay down some beautiful back roads of… where were we? West Virginia? I shot this with my phone because all my other cameras batteries had been used up. I couldn’t stop capturing the beauty of those two old bikes winding their way through the country. Memories of this day included getting fumigated by ...

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Photo Blog: Motorcycle Cannonball 2016, September 25

Carlsbad, Calif., Sep. 26—The final stage of the Motorcycle Cannonball was a scant 101 miles but it included a 4,000-foot climb over the San Jacinto mountains, a nasty little dust storm—complete with tumbleweeds—and a bit of SoCal traffic that kept riders on their toes. Breakdowns and anemic engines had sweep drivers following along to encourage the determined machines on to ...

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Photo Blog: Motorcycle Cannonball 2016, September 22

Williams, Ariz., Set. 23—Every time a Motorcycle Cannonball rider comes to a stop, folks come over to admire the bikes, ask questions and appreciate the ancient motorcycles that recall a simpler time in life. Riders turn into Cannonball ambassadors as they fill in the curious crowds on the details of the run as well as share information regarding their bikes. ...

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Photo Blog: Motorcycle Cannonball 2016, September 21

Page, Ariz., Sep. 21—Wednesday’s ride was all about the weather. And there was lots of it. From the dousing that sent 58 riders off into a bright-and-early rain cloud right on to the downpour that soaked riders through to the bone after the trip to the Four Corners Monument where riders stood with hands and feet in each to the ...

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Photo Blog: Motorcycle Cannonball 2016, September 20

Durango, Colo,. Sep. 21—Tuesday morning started off with cheerful optimism mixed with a healthy dose of apprehension as 60 riders set off to conquer the Rocky Mountains, most at an average speed of 35-miles an hour. Between road construction, the high altitude and steep incline the day held just enough drama to keep everyone on their toes. Roadside repairs would ...

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Photo Blog: Motorcycle Cannonball 2016, September 19

Pueblo, Colo., Sep. 19—Pea soup engulfed the riders for their ride out of Dodge City on Monday morning. Fog thick and dense swirled around the Comfort Suites hotel as a crowd gathered to see the Cannonballers off when suddenly an ominous figure stepped out of the darkness. The grim reaper carried a scythe with the green flag attached and stood ...

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Photo Blog: Motorcycle Cannonball 2016, September 17–18

Dodge City, Kan., Sep. 18—Stage 8 was a nice short day for the 67 Cannonball riders who took the green flag on Saturday morning. The group covered 184 miles of level Kansas blacktop before rolling into a hero’s welcome in Dodge City. The weather was beautiful and the dinner hosted by the city was more than appreciated by the road-weary travelers ...

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