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Kulture Clash: Why are we so worried?

Shadow recently brought a serious concern to my attention that one of our contributors had about the state of the motorcycle culture. It seems that many rallies across the nation are closing in on closing down. Attendance numbers are way down and though there are young bikers out there the rallies are still dominated by aging-out boomers. Is the motorcycle ...

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Kulture Clash: It’s OK to get excited

First and foremost Daytona is just around the corner as I am sitting down to write this, and will be history by the time you read this. I had a new knee installed in November and while it is feeling great Doc says it’s OK to ride but not on a long trip yet. Secondly the general economy is on ...

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Kulture Clash: Lend a hand, brother and sister!

I intended to follow up my explanation of the different motorcycle cultures with some of the examples of the cultural clashes that developed during each period. We will get to that later but for now there is something bugging me that I just have to address. There is a major concern that the motorcycle industry is fading away as the ...

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Kulture Clash: It’s the culture

Before we talk about any cultural clashes we need to understand the cultures that are involved within the realm of motorcycles. Webster defines culture as the sum of attitudes, customs and beliefs that distinguishes one group of people from another. Culture is transmitted through language, material objects, ritual, institutions, and art from one generation to the next. So sometime in ...

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Kulture Clash: The inside lane

I have known your THUNDER PRESS Editor-in-Chief, Shadow, for more than a few decades. A little while ago she asked if I would consider writing a column for THUNDER PRESS seeing as how I had worked in almost every aspect of the industry. Before I start rambling on about what is right and wrong with the motorcycle industry I thought ...

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