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Rear View Mirror: What we’d see in 1993

The World: ● Nelson Mandela wins Nobel Peace Prize—South Africa votes for “Majority Rule” constitution. ● Intel builds the Pentium processor. ● The World Wide Web is born. The Nation: ● The World Trade Center is bombed. ● Rodney King is beaten. ● Beanie Babies are born… Bah! ● First humans are cloned… Ah! ● Jurassic Park is the big ...

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Rear View Mirror: What was news in ’92

The World: Roman Catholic Church reinstates Galileo Galilei… after 359 years. McDonald’s opens its first restaurant in China. The Nation: President Bush apologizes for raising taxes after promising not to. Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster win Oscars for Silence of the Lambs. Johnny Carson makes his final appearance as host of The Tonight Show. A free newspaper called THUNDER PRESS ...

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