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Where am I? Winner: Shadow man

John wasn’t being cantankerous when he told me he didn’t want the press. It came down to the fact he never really thought through what would happen if he was the game winner, the fifth correct answer on the eighth of February. His email included a phone number but when I called he seemed oddly reluctant. Before divulging anything he’d ...

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Where am I? April 2018

Feeling Moody this morning at breakfast But the Show Me’s now in the rearview mirror I’m heading S on the 223 62 will bring the gobble (x2) trot hamlet near.   We’ll basecamp out of that mystery location Which just happens to be the county seat Named after the People Rule’s second governor With a ‘ville’ thrown in, cause that’s ...

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Where am I? Winner: Charles Day

Last month’s mystery location: Willits, California When looking outside from his split-level home on a half-acre in the Shenandoah Valley in New Market, Virginia, in a town where he’s lived all of his life, there’s contentment apparent in the voice and demeanor of 64-year-old Charles Day, a.k.a. Cowboy. Married to Mary for 44 years, he met his would-be bride when ...

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Where am I? March 2018

I’m on the SW edge of the Black Hills A nice ride S on the CanAm to here We’ll rest up at the Pines tonight-tidy spot there Clean too, and it never gets old seeing deer This town goes way back to the Old West Anna’s museum is in the old cavalry stable folks say There were 14 saloons, dance ...

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Where am I?: February, 2018

I’m looking for a body of water Prior to 1936, it was just desert ground Now, it can scarcely be seen from the State Route The lower water has revealed a B-29 downed This road handle is a third of a fiver A gambler’s rounding-up to see that it’s clean No longer categorized a State highway A State Route on ...

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Where am I? Winner: Lisa Walker

Last month’s mystery location: Trout Creek, Montana Lisa Walker comes from a longtime riding family. Her father Jerald Walker, yes, that Jerald/Jerry Walker, 2016 Bartender of the Year in Laughlin, had a Police Special H-D when Lisa was a girl. She rode with him throughout the early days, into her teens in the Baldwin Park and Whittier areas of California. ...

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Where am I?: January, 2018

I’m 10 miles south of the 10 mile river And a good riding highway headed east is that count times two They used to call where I’m headed Little Lake The current moniker wore a ‘ville’ back quite a few On the highway, it’s not Pirelli, nor Michelin but Dunlop This too will pass by the way Don’t get skunked, ...

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Where am I? Winner: David Guerin

Last month’s mystery location: Long Beach, Washington David Guerin of Albany, Oregon, is like no one I’ve ever interviewed. He’s an international sensation, teaching advanced barbering technique at Rock & Roll Hair Shows that might have 100,000 or more in attendance. What? Huh? Yeah, me too… initially. Unless you have a glimpse into this larger-than-life personality, until you’ve witnessed his ...

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Where am I?: Winner Bruce Carman

Bruce Carman

Beating the odds October 2017‘s mystery location: Mukilteo, Washington Bruce Carman of Gig Harbor, Washington, recognized the mystery location of Mukilteo, Washington, when he read the clues early in October. His wife Diana, who Carman met through Diana’s sister in 1980, once lived in Mukilteo. Bruce and Diana married in 1980 and their daughters, ages 35 and 30, are high school ...

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