Thunder Press History

The year was 1992 and the phenomenal growth of Harley-Davidson that would later be termed the “Milwaukee Miracle” was in its infancy. In Scotts Valley, California, silicon valley executive, H.O.G. member and Harley enthusiast Reg Kittrelle started up a publication to cater to the burgeoning hog culture, bringing them news and views, schedules of events, and reviews of Harleys and related products, and serving as an outlet for readers to add their own voices and articles. He gave it a tabloid format to reflect its newsy identity and he named it Thunder Press. He published the first edition, delivered the copies to the counters of Harley-Davidson dealers and biker hangouts, and waited for the reaction.

It proved an instant hit among the biker community.  The popularity of the new publication grew literally by leaps and bounds, and Thunder Press expanded its coverage and reach beyond the San Francisco Bay Area to include all of California, and then the Northwest, the Southwest, and the Mountain states.

By 1996, a Thunder Press East edition was started to serve the northeastern corner of the country, and then in 2001 Thunder Press split into the three regional editions, Thunder Press North (serving, essentially, the Union states), Thunder Press South (serving the Confederacy) and Thunder Press West (covering the frontier). Additional full-time editors were brought on board to assure both comprehensive regional coverage and a regional flavor in each edition. The North and South editions were combined to create the new Thunder Press East edition in 2016.

Currently, Thunder Press has editorial desks established in New Jersey, Texas, and California as well as an editorial and production facility in Minnesota. Throughout that expansion, Thunder Press has remained faithful to its roots, endeavoring monthly to provide the same useful mix of information, entertainment and reader feedback focused exclusively on the American biker community that got this thing rolling over 20 years ago. That will never change.

If you would like to be a part of Thunder Press, visit our Contact Us Page for writer’s guidelines or become a distributor at our Distributor Page.

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