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Motorhead Memo: Frame-up—Part 1

A great deal more thought, effort and expense has been put into the understanding, care and feeding of Harley engines than chassis. Too bad. A basic knowledge of the motorcycle chassis is damn helpful and potentially able to make a rider look good, be good… be better… than a motor. Harley-Davidson hasn’t always been noted for expertise in the areas ...

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The Hooligan: Sophomore season

By the end of the 2017 race season I was starting to make a name for myself and stand out at my local AMA District 6 races. I was racing in the vintage class, and most of the bikes I was racing against were purpose-built flat-track bikes from the ’70s and ’80s. I didn’t mind because I was beating most ...

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5th annual Ride California

Ride California group photo

WITW invades Big Bear Big Bear, Calif., June 8–10—Ladies started arriving in Big Bear, California, on every kind of two- and three-wheeled motorcycle to the 5th annual Ride California event. Ride California is a regional event of Women in the Wind (WITW) that includes members from California, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Oregon and Canada. The event was hosted by the Riverside ...

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Bullin Through Life: Never boring

Howdy! Grab a chair an’ a beer! Ya know, sometimes I almost forget why God allowed the Japanese to design motorcycles, then one incident reminds me that it was to keep assholes off of Harley-Davidsons. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work. (FYI: I’ve owned a bunch of Japanese bikes too, but I don’t deny being an asshole…) Amy Irene White, a ...

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Where am I? July 2018

They say that it’s Almost Heaven Even if you’re not a J. Denver fan Old State Road 82 runs some 800’ below risk takers Who harness-up to walk the steel span   Just 25 feet above the brave-hearted Several lanes of traffic hum The interpretive guide will stop here and there The stalls unsettling to some   Pies and Pints ...

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Depth of Tread: Patch Lady Diane

A new feature, Depth of Tread, is an opportunity to recognize, to reader-nominate someone you know. Yes, you! Readers email Susan with contact information for the nominee and from those nominations we’ll feature a subject in a future issue of THUNDER PRESS. Imagine a person who lives with intention, admirable for some reason. It can be anyone, we ask only ...

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Cannonball Characters: Shinya Kimura #80

1915 Indian Hedstrom Born in Japan in 1962, Shinya Kimura is a custom bike builder who creates motorcycles that are rolling works of functional art. The creative, soft-spoken builder founded the “zero”-styled motorcycle and expanded his business to the United States in 2002, at which time he immediately set about turning heads with his unique creations. Known to incorporate Zen ...

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Ride Out of the Darkness: Winter woes and tire travails

As we all know, this past winter was indeed a unique and challenging one. Even Southern California was fairly cold for a while, and parts of Florida were in the low 30s and mid 20s! This indeed made the first two months of my journey interesting, to say the least! With my first walk in Edinburg, Texas, on January 6 ...

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Savage Roads: Mayan roads

Photos by Dafrio Dahinten Greetings from Guatemala City where I am spending one month filming my latest episode of my biker adventure series The Savage Roads. I was very concerned with the volcano that had just erupted a week before my date of arrival but the airport was reopened just two days before my flight and away I flew from ...

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Partz: Dapper attire

Designed for those riding days when a jacket is just a bit too warm, the Duke Flannel and Denim Shirt are constructed of a 100-percent cotton outer chassis with a full-length moisture-wicking liner and expanded shoulder gussets for increased mobility. Staying abreast of current trends and determined to supply a product that exceeds their customers’ demands, Z1R has designed both ...

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