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Partz+: Retro Goggles

Bringing back the venerable goggle configuration that was the standard back in the day, and giving it the benefits of modern top-end lens technology results in the new H-D Rally Series Retro Goggles from Wiley X. Crystal-clear road vision and state-of-the-art eye protection are the benefits of that modernity, while the adjustable elastic strap and thick padding around the lenses ...

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Partz+: Quest Compass

Traditional magnetic compasses are susceptible to deviations caused by the proximity of metals and electrical circuitry, making the cockpit of your motorcycle an unreliable location for the devices. That’s not the case with the new Quest Compass from Marlin’s Genuine Accessories. This elegant unit relies on the rudiments of global positioning to determine your true direction, giving you a precise ...

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Partz+: Novi-Stretch covers

Protecting the batwing and lids on your Harley has never been simpler since the creation of patented NoviStretch Fairing Bras & Lid Covers. They provide a protective, tight fit. Breathable, stretch fabric guards the paint without fear of rubbing or chafing. Easy care and installation features instant-on, quick-release designs that allow for easy protection when you need it and compact ...

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