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Rearview Mirror: Accelerate in 2008

The world Messenger spacecraft (figure 1) performs a Mercury flyby. Not the same kind of “Mercury flyby” I did to the car of that name last week on my motorcycle though. Thomas Beatie (figure 2), the world’s first pregnant man, gives birth to a daughter. Don’t even ask! The Eyak language in Alaska becomes extinct as its last native speaker ...

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Almost Fiction: The interview

When he came back from the service Marvin wanted a basecamp, a piece of property, some dirt where he could live as he wanted without having to answer to anyone. He found it east of Los Angeles, where orange groves, fruit trees and strawberry fields were the norm, where farms had been the same for 50 years, where kids did ...

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Kulture Clash: Sugar Bear, Sturgis and looking down the road

I had the pleasure this year at Sturgis to spend a morning with Sugar Bear and our illustrious editor, Shadow. Sugar Bear has put together a non-profit organization to support the Sugar Bear Chopper Museum in Sturgis, actually close by in Belle Fourche. I spent four days in Sturgis this year before heading for the Rockies and let me tell ...

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Free Range: Securing the future

Free Range Icon

I like old stuff. No matter what it is, old stuff has a sort of soul to it and, basically, old is cool in my book. Old machinery, furniture, bikes, literature… stuff. Even people. I like things with age, with a patina and history. A past. Antiques have a story to tell and I’m especially excited when I get to ...

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Motorhead Memo: Road Headwinds and Livewires

H-D’s new multi-faceted marketing and growth plan is cleverly labeled “More Roads To Harley-Davidson.” In truth, that very phrase sums it up without saying it all… or much of anything specific. “Roads” is more a general declaration of intent and preparation to go there, than a precise map. After all, it’s hard to describe any path… before it’s been traveled. ...

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Motorhead Minute: FXR kickstands

Shadow and I went through it so you don’t have to. Picking out the right kickstand for your FXR is fraught with pitfalls… surprise! Replacements abound in the aftermarket, on flea bay, etc., etc. Confusion arises with the decision to switch to a stand for a lowered bike or vice-versa and whether to settle for an aftermarket version or wait ...

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Depth of Tread: Eddie Pinson

I’ve been enjoying conversations with Eddie Pinson of Boise, Idaho, for at least 15 years by email. He was an early (2002) Where am I? game winner and last month, he nominated Lane Triplett to be featured in Depth of Tread. What follows means to be a glimpse into Eddie Pinson, a man who, to my way of thinking demonstrates ...

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The Hooligan: Smoky Mountain adventures

After an early evening and a good night’s sleep, race day came and we got to Smoky Mountain Speedway for some Hooligan flat track racing. It was time for my first race of the day—the Heavy Vintage class. I had to battle it out against an XR750, a purpose-built flat-track bike nothing like my Ironhead Sportster. I was excited about ...

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One for the Road: Kind of a drag

It was Memorial Day weekend of 2002 and we were stuck in holiday traffic on the interstate just south of D.C. I’m not sure who was more overheated, the bikes or us, but we didn’t care. We were on the way to North Carolina for the Maxton Mile! Back in 1996, a Sportster owner named Doug Mansfield started an email ...

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Spare Parts: Three times the fun

Nothing says “America” like the Fourth of July and star-spangled white leathers. Nobody knows this better than motocross racer turned X Games champ, turned entrepreneur, turned rally racer, turned TV star Travis Pastrana. Our family has been Travis fans from his early 125cc motocross days. He was great with the kids, signing autographs just about any time and in general, ...

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