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And then they said… Letters to the Editor

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Letters to the Editor: March 2018

Hi Sam, I love your stories in THUNDER PRESS! Your recent “Boarding House” story seemed to end abrubtly on page 18. There was no end of story watermark at the end, and I could not find any remaining portions in the latter pages. If that was the end on page 18, I guess it still works. Great story! Love your ...

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Letters to the Editors: February 2018

Sam Jones, Thanks so much for the recap of Lieutenant “Roscoe”! I know a few Vietnam vets and I am a firm patriot too. Those communists with AKs still make me disgusted, wherever they are. Please continue the story in the March or April Thunder Press; I sure hope that his life turned out shiny and included many motorcycles. Thank ...

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Letters to the Editors: January 2018

Ernie Copper: What a disappointment reading you had a repair done at a stealership. Steve Simmons Hey, Steve, Since you’ve taken the time to write and express your disappointment I’ll try to explain a little better.  When that happened I had less than a week to get back on the road to cover another event I had committed to. I ...

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Letters to the Editors: December 2017

Re: On The Road: Turning the Tide Insightful article on the state of the industry. I find it not to be just the builders and shops. I belong to two local “riding” clubs. 50 percent of the membership show only for social events, i.e., once-a-month meeting and dinner. We struggle to have 2-3 people show for weekend rides (membership 50-60 ...

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Mostly fact

Sam, Another great story you’ve shared. Your description of the sight of Chopper Bob and Gypsy along with your scrambled group must have been a sight to see.  Almost Fiction is always a must read. Thanks for sharing, Joe Joe,  Almost Fiction is a combination of fact and fiction.  This one, “Chopper Bob” was about 95% fact.  Glad you liked ...

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Hi, Ernie. Please accept my sympathies on the loss of your parents. What an emotional road to go down. Your November article shows the love and respect you have for them. Like many that read THUNDER PRESS, I can relate to your stories. My dad started me off showing how to build wooden go-karts with Briggs and Stratton engines. He ...

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Enjoying the ride

Hello Felicia, Another great article! Look forward to your road tales every month and had no idea you had been so affiliated with such a cool motorcycle ride across the U.S. I may have saw you when they rolled through in 2016 at Powder Keg H-D in Mason, Ohio, on your dresser? Anyways keep up the great work you have ...

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Flex and mount

Hi Marjorie, I just read your article in TP for September; okay, I’m a s l o w reader. Anyway, I read where you bought a 1982 FXRS. I too had a 1982, bought it brand new at Gainesville Harley. I loved that bike. It ran like a dream. However, I would like to share with you a problem I ...

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Long time rider

Hello, Just a note to say I really enjoyed your “Meeting Ira” story. I’m 72 and been riding since I was 13 when I started on a Cushman. Can relate to your story from many of my travels. Thanks, Elias Ruiz Thanks for taking the time to drop me a note, Elias! I’m so excited to hear from you, I ...

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A gentleman’s response

Kip, Thank you very much for the article on FXRs. It was very informative. I am the proud second owner of a 1985 FXRC, #845 of 1075. It is with me for life. I just bought a very nice 2011 FLHX Street Glide, but the FXRS stays with me. Thanks again. —Larry Larry, That “for life” thing seems to be ...

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