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And then they said… Letters to the Editor

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A handy “How-To”

Hello, Shadow. I just read your column in Thunder Press telling of your experiences with the GPS. The H-D Ride Planner is the most non-user-friendly product there is. Why can’t the route stay the same after it has been loaded to the GPS? I have an Ultra Limited now with the GPS built in and use a flash drive to ...

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Swapping stories

GREAT article, Sam! As someone who has been riding a Harley for 56 years, I share your sentiments profoundly! Keep up the great writing! Maybe we’ll run into each other on the road one day and swap stories! Merry Christmas, Mike Mike, Swap stories… you bet… but be advised I also steal stories. Thanks for the comments, be well. —Slippery ...

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Universal ride

Hi Sam, I just read your article and felt the need to send my thoughts… I worked for a company in Redwood City and the receptionist said one day, “You should meet my younger sister, I think the two of you would get along great.” What she neglected to tell me was that her sister lived in Southern California and ...

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Basque-ing in it

Sam, Really enjoyed the piece you wrote for THUNDER PRESS in the November issue. I live in Visalia and have watched the Basque and their trained dogs tend to their sheep in the Central Valley for years. Your writings continue to bring great enjoyment when I pick up a copy of Thunder Press. On a side note, I’m still waiting on the ...

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Can you find me now?

Shadow, I’m sure you will get lots of mail about the GPS story. My best (or worst) incident was in Virginia a few years ago, programmed in a cave my wife wanted to visit. Two-lane blacktop to gravel and then to true cow path that ended at the barn. “Happens all the time,” was our greeting. It’s known in our ...

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All roads traveled

While reading your article on motorcycle roads, I noticed that even though you mentioned Grapevine Hill in Pennsylvania, you left out PA-125. I’ve never heard of a name for it other than it being referred to as Pennsylvania’s “Tail of the Dragon.” It doesn’t have the status of Tennessee’s, but is a fun ride, unless you have running boards on ...

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Old school

Ernie, If you’re ever on Long Island, check out Skunks Misery Road. Thanks for another good story. Jim I will do that Jimmy. I’ll bet that road has carried that moniker for a long time. They don’t name ’em like that anymore. Thanks, Ernie References: Spart Parts: What’s in a name?

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Hitting the milestone

Dear Shadow, Congratulations to you and your “Black Beauty” for turning over the 100,000-mile mark. I, too, was fortunate to hit 100K on my 2010 Road King (“His Majesty” or HM) earlier this season. Unlike you, I observed the blessed moment—I was riding in an area of Wisconsin known as the “Driftless Region” in a section close to Frank Lloyd ...

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To a good home

Good day, Ms. Kleiman (Shadow—trying to be formal): I am a 63-year-old person who is retiring soon after 45 years of working. I have been a mechanic since I was a young boy. My question to you is if your magazine places cigarette ads. I get urges to smoke again when I see cigarette ads. I borrow your monthly issue ...

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Roads well traveled

Hey Marjorie, I make it a policy to read every THUNDER PRESS  from cover to cover and your Sturgis Bound column in the August 2016 issue caught my attention with your reference to the Blue Highway Motorcycle Lodge. This got me wondering what routes you take to Sturgis as I assumed you’d take the interstate superslab system, but Hillsboro is ...

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