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Where am I? July 2018

They say that it’s Almost Heaven Even if you’re not a J. Denver fan Old State Road 82 runs some 800’ below risk takers Who harness-up to walk the steel span   Just 25 feet above the brave-hearted Several lanes of traffic hum The interpretive guide will stop here and there The stalls unsettling to some   Pies and Pints ...

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Depth of Tread: Patch Lady Diane

A new feature, Depth of Tread, is an opportunity to recognize, to reader-nominate someone you know. Yes, you! Readers email Susan with contact information for the nominee and from those nominations we’ll feature a subject in a future issue of THUNDER PRESS. Imagine a person who lives with intention, admirable for some reason. It can be anyone, we ask only ...

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Ride Out of the Darkness: Winter woes and tire travails

As we all know, this past winter was indeed a unique and challenging one. Even Southern California was fairly cold for a while, and parts of Florida were in the low 30s and mid 20s! This indeed made the first two months of my journey interesting, to say the least! With my first walk in Edinburg, Texas, on January 6 ...

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