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Rev’It Sand 2 rain suit

Rev'It Sand 2 rain suit

If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes. While somewhat of an exaggeration, riding in the Northeast requires being prepared for rapid changes in weather and temperature. Since it’s awkward packing several jackets and pants for each trip, I’ve been on a quest to discover the ultimate riding suit. New materials have allowed an evolution in riding gear and ...

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Duluth Trading Co. Winter Work Gloves

Duluth Trading Co. Winter Work Gloves

I lose gloves. I don’t feel as badly when a pair comes up missing because I naively assume some lucky soul has found both of them. More often than not, I’m simply left with a spare glove—right or left, what does it matter?—that is rendered completely useless for anything other than kitchen duty as an oven mitt. Now this hurts ...

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LS2 OF569 Helmet

LS2 OF569 open-face helmet

As a rider that has bought helmets for cheapest DOT compliance, I don’t know much about helmet amenities. What seems new and brilliant to my experience with the cheapest thing carrying a DOT decal may be old news to everybody else. So, I am going to continue on with enthusiasm about the features of the LS2 OF569 model open-face helmet ...

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Zipper’s Performance Red Shift Cams and D&D Fat Cat Exhaust: A powerful combo

The D&D Fat Cat 2:1 exhaust cut flows with the lines of the Switchback, and lend to the power improvements from the Zipper's products just installed

Around this time last year, the Zipper’s Performance tech team at their headquarters in Elkridge, Maryland, installed the ThunderMax with AutoTune EFI controller and a Zipper’s HiFlow Air Filter Kit in my 2012 Switchback. The horsepower and torque boost was considerable, and I was very happy with the bike’s snappy performance. Installing a set of Zipper’s Red Shift Cams seemed ...

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Bell Helmets Pit Boss: Perfect fit and flawless finish

Bell Helmets Pit Boss

I’ve got to be one of the fussiest people around when it comes to helmets. Once I find one that I’m happy with, I tend to use it much longer than the three to five years recommended by many experts. But over the past few years, the lining in the helmet I’d been wearing had gotten compressed, making the helmet ...

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Scavenger Total Oil Change System: Dripping the puck

Rogue Chopper's Scavenger Total Oil Change System

I’m not sure why I put off getting my hands on a Scavenger Total Oil Change System these past several years. Maybe it was because the process required me to pull the oil return line out of my oil bag, or maybe I was just skeptical about how effective the product could really be. After checking out the instruction videos ...

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Survival Straps

Harley-Davidson-branded Survival Straps bracelet

The mission for Survival Straps is simple: “to make high-quality gear for the general public that supports America’s heroes and those who need help.” Available in more than 50,000 color combinations and handfuls of special collections, Survival Straps bracelets are not only designed to make a fashion statement, but to also potentially save your hide should you find yourself in ...

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Harley-Davidson Soft Lowers: Soft touch

Harley-Davidson Soft Lowers

After spending an inordinate amount of time slogging through downpours, I decided to research options for helping my beloved Street Glide keep a tidier appearance and try to keep me a little drier in the process. A readily available option was the strap-on set of Soft Lowers sold online or at the local H-D dealership. The pair of left and ...

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Harley-Davidson FXRG-5 boots: Feet in the clouds

Harley-Davidson FXRG-5 boots

Anyone who’s experienced blisters or sore feet after a long day hoofing it around a rally or bike show knows how important a comfortable and supportive pair of shoes can be. About two years ago I had a joint fusion on my big toe that included insertion of a three-inch titanium plate on top of my inner left foot. Thus, ...

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Firstgear Heated Apparel

Shadow wearing the Firstgear women's Heated Jacket Liner, women's Heated Pants and holding the Remote Dual Heat Troller

This winter has brought the Northeast U.S. some of the worst weather in decades. From the near-constant snowstorms, freezing rain and the swirling, frigid winds of the polar vortex, it’s an understatement to say that the weather hasn’t been very conducive to motorcycling. Most winters I can get away with layering clothing underneath wind- and waterproof outerwear, but when the ...

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