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Boot Draggers: Getting a leg up

BadJack Machine, LLC badjackmachine.com Last year while wandering through the ThunderDome at the Republic of Texas Biker Rally in Austin, I stumbled across Phil Grgurich, owner of BadJack Machine. Since my heritage includes a healthy dose of Czech, I figured if nothing else Phil’s surname might make for some interesting conversation. And then he introduced me to the company’s latest ...

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Daymaker 5-3/4″ LED Headlamp Kit: To see and be seen

The Daymaker has one optical lens for low beam and three for high, giving it a futuristic look that complements the Dyna’s blacked-out appearance

Harley-Davidson #67700145, $399.95 Harley-Davidson.com In 1999, when my 2000 FXD was manufactured, halogen headlights were pretty much de rigueur. But I soon found that that they didn’t quite do the job while I was riding at night. I tried a series of higher-candlepower H4 bulbs until I found one that didn’t melt and cause the low beam to go out. ...

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Classic Butt Buffer Top Cushion: Cushy tush

The Butt Buffer can be placed narrow edge forward to fit the shape of the seat (left photo), or it can be placed wide edge forward to provide some padding for the thighs. Note that the photo on the right, with the wide edge forward, also illustrates the included strap-and-clip system to fasten the cushion to the seat.

Butt Buffer Starting at $55.50 Buttbuffer.com The aftermarket seat on my 2000 FXD has been quite comfortable for the decade or so since I’ve been using it. But even with the memory foam and gel I had inserted inside, my butt would still get numb and my sciatica would kick in after a few hundred miles, sometimes putting a premature ...

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Harley-Davidson Heated Dual-Source riding gear: Hot to trot

Note the color-coded connectors and individual heat controllers on the jacket liner, pants and gloves

Harley-Davidson Women’s Heated Dual-Source 12V Jacket Liner, #98338-15VW, Sizes XS–2XL, $275 Men’s Heated Waterproof Dual-Source 12V Riding Pant, #98327-15VM, Sizes S–3XL, $350 Women’s Heated Dual-Source 12V Gloves, #98339-15VW, Sizes S–XL, $230 Heated Jacket/Pant 12V Charger Kit, #98332-15VR, $99 Glove Battery Charger Kit, #98333-15VR, $99 www.harley-davidson.com Riding a motorcycle in early March might not seem like a big deal to some ...

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Race Tech: Small wonders

Tony Marasco working on the 2008 Softail Custom’s forks

Gold Valve Emulators: $169 Fork Spring Kit: $ 129 Race Tech www.racetech.com 951.279.6655 The year was 2005. I was in the process of buying a Harley Softail. I had ridden about a dozen Harley Softail Deuces in search of just the right one. I had fallen in love with that model the first time I saw one, but after all ...

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ForceFlow Cylinder Head Cooler: Twin Cam Chillin’

JIMS ForceFlow Review

JIMS P/N 5400 Polished Cylinder Head Fan Kit—$500.45 P/N 5401 Black Cylinder Head Fan Kit—$437 P/N 5402 Silver Cylinder Head Fan Kit—$437 P/N 5462 Chrome Cylinder Head Fan Kit- $529.60 P/N 5447 JIMS Engine Hardware Mounting Kit—$36.35 P/N 5457 ForceFlow CVO Stud Kit—$40.30 jimsusa.com As cubic inches increase and EPA requirements become more stringent, the amount of heat produced by ...

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Lindby Multibar for H-D Switchback: Saving my bacon

Lindby Multibar for H-D Switchback

Lindby Custom Inc. P/N 1314—$289.95 www.lindbycustom.com My 2012 FLD Switchback is the heaviest bike I’ve ever owned, and I have to admit—I’ve dropped it more than once, resulting in some fairly deep gouges through the paint on the hard bags. It is said that insanity is described as doing the same thing but expecting different results, so rather than waiting ...

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Shotgun Shock: A smooth ride

Bagger shock with compressor

Softail version: $1,550 Bagger version: $1,750 www.shotgunshock.com From the moment I heard about Shotgun Shock’s bagger version I couldn’t wait to get in the saddle of a bike equipped with the little beauties and experience the ride so I could let my bagger-riding buddies know about, what I hoped would be, a significant improvement on The Motor Company’s offerings. When ...

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Cushy tush: “Close” Classic Heated Solo Saddle

Corbin Seat installed on a Dyna Switchback—note the key slot to the rear of the Corbin logo, which allows seat removal within seconds without the need for tools

Corbin “Close” Classic Heated Solo Saddle for Dyna Glide, P/N HD-FXD-6-CS-E, $593 Ovalbac Leather Backrest, P/N 02-SB, $218 www.corbin.com Corbin’s Classic Solo Saddle is a fine choice for any rider looking to upgrade for comfort, appearance, or both. The seat pictured is the most basic model, a natural-grain black leather variant. Incredibly, the rider can choose from over 40 different ...

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Batwing Fairing: Smooth sailing

Memphis Shades Batwing Fairing installed with all the trimmings on my 2014 Dyna FLD

Batwing Fairing Memphis Shades Batwing Fairing #2330-0017, $299.95 Polished Trigger Lock Hardware #2320-0113, $149.95 Smoke Spoiler Shield #2350-0170, $99.95 Black Wind Deflectors #2350-0111, $24.95 Big Zipper Pouch #3508-0020, $89.95 Slotted Fat Trim #2350-0110, $49.95 Batwing Kare Kit #3713-0029, $12.95 www.memphisshades.com As I write this, it’s 9 degrees outside, and even with the heated gear on full blast, the wind chill ...

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