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Liquidation of iconic EBR Motorcycle factory

East Troy, WI—EBR Motorcycles (Erik Buell Racing) of East Troy, Wisconsin, one of the largest American manufacturers of superbike motorcycles, has not secured a new investor and intends to consolidate its long-term parts for dealer and warranty support. Liquid Asset Partners, of Grand Rapids, Michigan will hold a piecemeal liquidation sale and live auction at EBR’s state-of-the-art factory for all ...

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Confederate Motorcycles unveils X132 Hellcat Speedster

Confederate Motorcycles X132 Hellcat Speedster

The go-fast folks over at Confederate Motorcycles are again pushing the limits on their V-twin two-wheeled  speed machines produced in Birmingham, Alabama. The latest example is their all-new X132 Hellcat Speedster that was unveiled recently, which boasts a claimed 120 hp and 140 ft/lbs of torque. Yep, you read that right. Redesigned from front to back for 2015, the X132 Hellcat ...

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2014 Buffalo Chip Student Build Legends Ride bike

Students from Sturgis Brown High School with the 2014 Street Glide Legends Ride auction bike

STURGIS, S.D., MARCH 30—The custom 2014 Harley-Davidson Street Glide built by participants of the Buffalo Chip’s Student Build Challenge received first place in the High School Build Open Class at the 27th annual Donnie Smith Bike Show where it was unveiled to the public for the first time. The Sturgis Brown High School students participating in the build had been ...

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Bike Feature: ‘Born to be Wild’ by Bernie Tatro

Bernie "Warrior" Tatro's "Born to be Wild" custom chopper

One November evening back in 1993, Bernie “Warrior” Tatro of Edgewater, Florida, paid a visit to his close friend Repo Artie. Bernie spied a long springer front end sitting in the corner of Artie’s garage. It had no neck stem, the top tree was gone and it was all rusty. Bernie asked, “Artie, what do you want for that front ...

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2014 Desperado Gun Runner III: Texas firecracker

The Gun Runner III comes with your choice of 80-spoke wheels or one of Desperado's chrome billet designs

Twenty years ago The Motor Company experienced a huge upsurge in sales resulting in a shortage of new Harleys, creating long waits for delivery and an impatient and frustrated consumer base. This shortage resulted in a number of entrepreneurs establishing their own motorcycle companies and producing their own line of V-twins. And Desperado Motorcycles was there at the beginning, slugging ...

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Bling’s Cycles ‘Spade’

Bikes were jammed underneath the pavilion at the Broken Spoke, awaiting their collective fate, while we judges wormed our way between each custom looking for the top picks in the Editors’ Choice Bike Show. Intermittent showers visited this Tuesday of Daytona Bike Week; the skies were occluded by rain clouds and the pavilion, being a bar and concert venue, was ...

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2011 Harley-Davidson FLTRX Road Glide Custom/PowerPak ride review

Riding a blue streak Low down and loaded up The fun begins a few miles west of the town of Williams when Highway 20 leaves the flat terrain of the Sacramento Valley and commences to corkscrew through the foothills of the Mayacamas Mountains. Here the Road Glide Custom is in its element, swooping effortlessly through the sweepers, up and down ...

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Brass Balls Bobbers’ Classic Bobber ride review

Just a taste of trouble Tripping on a time-warp rigid Roanoke, Texas, Feb. 20—The oversized, fenderless front tire hummed against the wet pavement, casting a ribbon of water ahead of me that shimmered briefly in the glow of the headlight before reversing direction and pelting my face. But I was well prepared and my split-lens goggles and leather aviator cap ...

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2010 Big Dog Bulldog

Off the chain Not your ol’ man’s bagger Bike reviews and photo shoots can be tricky. And timing really is everything. I’ve picked up bikes for a ride/review during some absolutely stunning days in Sturgis only to be told I had to return them later that evening. And then, I’ve been given free rein and a month’s lease to complete ...

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TPJ Customs

A long jump from the trailer park Keeping it simple, clean and convergent Lodi, Calif.—One could safely bet next week’s allowance that the big brains in the motorsport corporate stratosphere spend more than a few minutes each week pondering what lies ahead for them, particularly for the ever-graying American V-twin market, in terms of new products and added customers. We ...

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