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Victory Motorcycles debuts Virtual Ride Experience using Oculus Rift at Chicago IMS event: Immersive #VictoryVR experience takes riders to Sturgis, South Dakota

Chicago, Ill., Feb. 13—Victory Motorcycles is debuting this weekend the first-ever immersive motorcycle brand virtual ride experience at the Chicago Progressive International Motorcycle Show. Using Oculus Rift, tactile transducers, realistic real-time 3D graphics, custom-recorded motorcycle motor audio, throttle control, and a custom motorcycle stand with range of motion, Victory Motorcycles is the first motorcycle brand to offer fans a virtual ...

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Confederate Motorcycles unveils X132 Hellcat Speedster

Confederate Motorcycles X132 Hellcat Speedster

The go-fast folks over at Confederate Motorcycles are again pushing the limits on their V-twin two-wheeled  speed machines produced in Birmingham, Alabama. The latest example is their all-new X132 Hellcat Speedster that was unveiled recently, which boasts a claimed 120 hp and 140 ft/lbs of torque. Yep, you read that right. Redesigned from front to back for 2015, the X132 Hellcat ...

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Victory Motorcycles unveils 2015 Magnum

2015 Magnum from Victory Motorcycles

MINNEAPOLIS, MINN., JULY 27–Victory Motorcycles unveiled their 2015 model year lineup at the end of Polaris Industries’ weekend dealer meetings in Minneapolis from July 25-27. The highlight of the 2015 Victory family is the all-new Magnum, a factory bagger sporting the largest standard front wheel at 21″. Other features on the Magnum include the custom-painted fairing with six integrated speakers that serve ...

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Chris Duncanson’s custom Victory Cross Country

This isn't Chris Duncanson's first rodeo, he's owned plenty of other bikes, but of his 2014 Victory Cross Country he says, "I'm keeping this one forever"

We all want to leave our mark on the world around us. From building a business to building a family or even building a motorcycle, there’s undeniable pleasure in putting a dent in posterity. And for Chris Duncanson, owner of this handsome Victory Cross Country, there’s no better platform for personalization than an American motorcycle. “I’ve been riding for more ...

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2015 Victory Gunner ride review: High-caliber cruiser

2015 Victory Gunner

Although the largest blip as of late on the Polaris radar has to be the 2013 unveiling of three new Indian models, the company continues to invest heavily into their Victory Motorcycles arsenal. Their latest salvo was launched during Daytona Bike Week with the spring release of the 2015 Gunner. Touted by Victory as an “Urban Cruiser” with “throwback bobber ...

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2014 Buffalo Chip Student Build Legends Ride bike

Students from Sturgis Brown High School with the 2014 Street Glide Legends Ride auction bike

STURGIS, S.D., MARCH 30—The custom 2014 Harley-Davidson Street Glide built by participants of the Buffalo Chip’s Student Build Challenge received first place in the High School Build Open Class at the 27th annual Donnie Smith Bike Show where it was unveiled to the public for the first time. The Sturgis Brown High School students participating in the build had been ...

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Victory Motorcycles unveils all-new 2015 Gunner at Chicago IMS

2015 Victory Gunner

CHICAGO, ILL., FEB. 8—Victory Motorcycles has unveiled the all-new 2015 “Gunner” today at the Progressive International Motorcycle Show in Chicago. The Gunner boasts a 106 c.i. V-twin on a full-size chassis, a lowered seat height, and lean-angle engineering. “Bikers have been asking us to give them a bobber with some real power – and that’s exactly what we’re giving them with this bad ...

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Bike Feature: ‘Born to be Wild’ by Bernie Tatro

Bernie "Warrior" Tatro's "Born to be Wild" custom chopper

One November evening back in 1993, Bernie “Warrior” Tatro of Edgewater, Florida, paid a visit to his close friend Repo Artie. Bernie spied a long springer front end sitting in the corner of Artie’s garage. It had no neck stem, the top tree was gone and it was all rusty. Bernie asked, “Artie, what do you want for that front ...

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2014 Desperado Gun Runner III: Texas firecracker

The Gun Runner III comes with your choice of 80-spoke wheels or one of Desperado's chrome billet designs

Twenty years ago The Motor Company experienced a huge upsurge in sales resulting in a shortage of new Harleys, creating long waits for delivery and an impatient and frustrated consumer base. This shortage resulted in a number of entrepreneurs establishing their own motorcycle companies and producing their own line of V-twins. And Desperado Motorcycles was there at the beginning, slugging ...

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Victory’s 15th Anniversary Cross Country Tour Limited Edition

Victory Motorcycles 15th Anniversary Cross Country Tour Limited Edition

You stand impatiently waiting, slightly nervous, filled with anticipation. It’s not your first date, you’ve been out with this gal plenty of times—you acknowledge her qualities and accept her quirks. But tonight… tonight is special. It’s your anniversary. And when she hits that platform at the top of the stairs, resplendent in a sexy black number, high heels and the ...

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