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Bling’s Cycles ‘Spade’

Bikes were jammed underneath the pavilion at the Broken Spoke, awaiting their collective fate, while we judges wormed our way between each custom looking for the top picks in the Editors’ Choice Bike Show. Intermittent showers visited this Tuesday of Daytona Bike Week; the skies were occluded by rain clouds and the pavilion, being a bar and concert venue, was ...

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2013 Victory Boardwalk road test

2013 Victory Boardwalk

In any new relationship, first impressions mean a lot. Whether it’s the way she walks in a pair of heels, or whether he holds the door open, those first few hours can cast the die and alter your opinion of that new love forever. The same is true with Victory Motorcycles’ new Boardwalk—there are parts to love, and others, maybe ...

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2012 Victory Hard-Ball ride review

There’s one in every family, even the most respectable—especially the most respectable, perhaps. A black sheep, that is; the rebellious one, the one who just won’t behave, conform or smile in family portraits. The sullen one who scoffs at family values, skips supper, dresses unnervingly and communicates exclusively through grunts, snorts, rolling eyes and histrionic brooding. That’s just way it ...

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2013 Victory Judge review

  It wasn’t so very long ago that the term “cruiser” entered the motorcycle style lexicon as a novel means of classifying bikes that weren’t made in Milwaukee, but were designed to look like they were. It started with the Japanese knock-offs, and suddenly there was a slew of motorcycle magazines starting up to cater to consumers of this new ...

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Victory Motorcycle’s new 2012 Hard Ball

  Long Beach, Calif., Dec. 9—Victory Motorcycle wasted no time in stealing the spotlight at the International Motorcycle Show’s Long Beach appearance, the seventh city visited thus far in the IMS schedule. Sitting on a lit platform in the middle of the Victory display area on the floor of the Long Beach Convention Center was a shrouded form and attendees ...

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Victory Motorcycles 2011 High Ball

A step into the past Bargain bobber oozes attitude Victory Motorcycles gets into the custom bobber game with the introduction of their gnarly new High Ball, which the company unveiled to the public at the International Motorcycle Show in New York over the weekend of January 21, thus giving the motorcycle industry its first model named after a cocktail. (A ...

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Victory Cory Ness Cross Country 2011

Mile-mannered and dressed to thrill A fine balance of form and function The much-ballyhooed affiliation between Victory Motorcycle and the Family Ness dates back to 2001, and over that time span the participation of Arlen, son Cory and, more recently, grandson Zach has been almost entirely in an advisory capacity with one major exception, their hands-on creation of exclusive Ness ...

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2011 Harley-Davidson FLTRX Road Glide Custom/PowerPak ride review

Riding a blue streak Low down and loaded up The fun begins a few miles west of the town of Williams when Highway 20 leaves the flat terrain of the Sacramento Valley and commences to corkscrew through the foothills of the Mayacamas Mountains. Here the Road Glide Custom is in its element, swooping effortlessly through the sweepers, up and down ...

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Victory Motorcycles 2011 model press launch

Big power across the board And all quiet on the gearbox front Gateway, Colo., Aug. 5—“Sweet tranny.” Those are words you might expect to hear uttered at a nightclub in South Beach, but never at a Victory Motorcycles event. And yet here at the remote Gateway Canyons Resort in Colorado’s ethereal red rock country where the Victory crew—a.k.a. The Men ...

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