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Harley-Davidson Soft Lowers: Soft touch

By Felicia Morgan

After spending an inordinate amount of time slogging through downpours, I decided to research options for helping my beloved Street Glide keep a tidier appearance and try to keep me a little drier in the process. A readily available option was the strap-on set of Soft Lowers sold online or at the local H-D dealership. The pair of left and right slip-on covers for each side of the engine guards is a simple install and serves well to keep road grime down to a minimum, as well as block wind and weather for the rider.

Harley-Davidson Soft Lowers

Harley-Davidson Soft Lowers

Once the snug-fitting covers are in place, the stitched-on clip is buckled up and you’re all set for a warmer ride. The wind is deflected and the warmth of the engine is forced up over the legs to provide a couple of extra degrees of comfort. As for wet weather, the canvas protectors repel a good amount of both road moisture and a reasonable amount of rain. Of course, if you get stuck in a deluge, all bets are off.

The zippered pocket on the inside of the lowers are good for stashing road maps or any other small necessities, and the reflective piping and Bar & Shield logo makes for a bit of visibility for cagers. The Soft Lowers do what they’re intended for, and at a fraction of the cost of solid lowers, but a word of warning: This product is not intended for warm weather. Once you start thawing out from your winter ride and temps get above 50 degrees, take them off or you’ll be dealing with an overheated engine. They slip off easily and can be folded and stored in the bottom of the saddlebags.

Made to fit 1980–later Touring models, they do not work on moustache engine guards or for models with extended-reach shift levers.


Harley-Davidson Soft Lowers

Harley-Davidson Soft Lowers

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