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LS2 OF569 Helmet

By Reviewed by Tom Kline

As a rider that has bought helmets for cheapest DOT compliance, I don’t know much about helmet amenities. What seems new and brilliant to my experience with the cheapest thing carrying a DOT decal may be old news to everybody else. So, I am going to continue on with enthusiasm about the features of the LS2 OF569 model open-face helmet because, aside from the front air vents in the helmet shell, it’s all new to me.

The impression of the helmet is visually appealing, and it has a tough HPTT composite shell construction with aerodynamic features that stabilize it at higher speeds. The front vents allow the air to pass through rear out ports keeping things cooled down after your noggin has heated it and pumped it full of humidity that would otherwise condense.

LS2 OF569 open-face helmet

LS2 OF569 helmet

The quick-release chin strap fastener is a fine feature because it is also quick fastening. The lead from the right side of the helmet is curved for the ergonomics of the human neck. Made of plastic, it ratchets into the receiver on the left of the helmet and locks on a pawl in the receiver.

A snap-down “full-eclipse drop-down sun shield” positioned inside the snap-down full clear visor is easily deployed and retracted while wearing gloves via a spring-loaded mechanism in the helmet that is activated by a toggle on the left ear edge of the shell. The face visor snaps into position from the knight’s open-faced canter position to down tight for battle with the elements. The result is water- and air-tight. Again, I appreciate the flow-through design of the front and rear air vents for ventilation. The facemask is described as optically correct and scratch resistant, and provides an excellent peripheral field of vision. I experienced no distortion of vision whatsoever while wearing the LS2.

In addition to being DOT compliant, JPH, the manufacturer, was the first helmet manufacturer in China fully approved by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service and received full international ISO 9000 accreditation according to the company’s website. ISO accreditation indicates that “the company has been externally assessed and found to have a consistency of approach in developing, implementing and improving the effectiveness of a quality management system that enhances customer satisfaction by meeting customer requirements.”

LS2 OF569 open-face helmet

LS2 OF569 helmet

Ultimately, whether you accept the reasons and stats for and against helmet laws, you will buy a helmet because you either live in a state that requires that you wear one or because you consider the helmeted route to be the better option under the laws of physics. With a retail price of $99.95, the LS2 OF569 offers an incomparable package of protection and trick features for the money, and is pretty much ideal for riders who prefer the open-face configuration of head gear.

LS2 OF569 helmet

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