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Harley-Davidson Road Zeppelin Seat Pads

Bikers come in a wide variety of butt sizes and body weights, each requiring their own personalized gluteus calibration. Harley addresses this need with their new Road Zeppelin Seat Pads for both rider and passenger. Priced at $119.95 each, this patented system utilizes an air bladder to evenly distribute weight across the entire seating surface, removing annoying pressure points, reducing vibration and providing maximum absorption of road bumps. A convenient hand pump has been integrated into the unit along with a release valve mechanism allowing for custom pressure adjustments. A mesh top cover increases air circulation, reducing the temperature between tush and cush. Designed to fit most Harley seat profiles, the pads have a non-skid bottom and adjustable mounting strap.


  1. How can I order these Road Zeppelin Seat Pads?


    Hannah Kiges Reply:

    You can order them on the Harley website or by visiting your local dealer.


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