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Savage Roads: Mayan roads

Photos by Dafrio Dahinten Greetings from Guatemala City where I am spending one month filming my latest episode of my biker adventure series The Savage Roads. I was very concerned with the volcano that had just erupted a week before my date of arrival but the airport was reopened just two days before my flight and away I flew from ...

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Savage Roads: The road to Harley Town

Leopoldsburg is a municipality located in the Belgian province of Limburg and every year for the past 14 years, this biker has gotten to headline and enjoy the Harley Days weekend. Last year, I arrived early on Friday which is setup day for all the vendors from around Belgium and Europe. Opening of the Harley Day’s camping area as well ...

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Savage Roads: The road to Rosmalen

Photos by Onno “Berserk” Wieringa Utrecht, Netherlands—This month I am sharing with you my adventures to the Bigtwin Bike Show & Dealer Expo held each November in the Expo Houten center in Rosmalen. It is the Netherland’s biggest event where all of Europe’s motorcycle community set up their booths and have a great weekend meeting motorcycle industry folks. Lots of ...

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Savage Roads: The road to Biker Fest

Photos by Michele Ciussi Udine, Italy—One of my most memorable Savage Roads adventures of my 15 years in Europe is when I rode from Floro, Norway, about halfway up the country, smokin’ all the way south down through Denmark, Germany, Austria and on to northern Italy. My band had a two-night show to perform at the biggest bike event in the ...

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Savage Roads: The Land of the Midnight Sun

Photos by Pat Savage and Arctic H.O.G. Chapter Northern Norway—While living in Stavanger, Norway, I was booked to perform at the Arctic Circle H.O.G. Rally in in Ballangen, as well as filming the first episode of my biker adventure series The Savage Roads with my hosts, the Arctic H.O.G. Chapter. My young cameraman Odin Omdal and I flew up to ...

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5th annual H.O.G. Rally India

Photos by Suraj Khan Merry Christmas and Happy Harley Days! I am going to take you to Goa, India, to a huge country that, until eight years ago, was dominated by Royal Enfield, Triumph and other British, Japanese and Indian brands of motorcycles. With its long history of all sorts of people riding bikes, a spark was lit in 2007 ...

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Savage Roads: Harleys in the Kingdom of Jordan

Dead Sea H.O.G. Rally photos by Abrar Asfour Wadi Rum desert photos by Mohammad AG My biker’s journey to the beautiful country of Jordan begins way back in 2000. In Lyon, France’s gastronomic capital, biker and chef Claude Abry moved to Jordan and began cooking for King Abdullah II who, like his late father, King Hussein, is a motorcycle enthusiast ...

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Savage Roads: The Davidson Legacy

Angus, Scotland, Aug. 11–19—As a 42-year veteran Harley rider, and a 35-year career world touring musician, I have seen a great deal of the world and ridden in many countries on almost every continent. I started out my life studying to be a filmmaker in the mid-’70s when we actually had to splice bits of film together with tape. I ...

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