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57th annual Yuma Prison Run

Smiling Megan performs atop a crowd-pleasing stunt, waving to the enthusiastic crowd

Keep it kickin’ Yuma, Ariz., Apr. 20–22—It’s not like back east with snow creating the “cabin fever” effect. Here in SoCal it’s more a result of the daily survival of the roads and freeways made even more dangerous with “intexticated” drivers. That this event is called the Yuma Prison Run contradicts the actual freedom gained by attending. My friend Esta ...

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20th annual Fallen Officers Benefit Ride: A day of reflection

20th annual Fallen Officers Benefit

BALDWIN PARK, CALIF., MAY 17—Before the slow red tape of insurance benefits begins, a check of at least $2,000 is presented by the Choir Boys LEMC within two days to the family of an officer who has been killed in the line of duty for their immediate needs. These benefit rides not only raise funds, but they also honor the ...

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53rd annual Norwalk Centaurs Yuma Prison Run: Recidivist rendezvous

53rd annual Norwalk Centaurs Yuma Prison Run

YUMA, ARIZ., APRIL 18-20—Usually the vernal equinox sends people into a spring-cleaning frenzy. Not so with me. My standard operating procedure at this time involves four actions: sending in my IRS extension, checking the weather report for southern Arizona (almost always showing 90 degrees), scrounging in the garage for my box prominently marked YUMA, and informing the Boss I will ...

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30th annual Love Ride: Big love, big haul

The Southern California Harley-Davidson Dealers Association presents Oliver Shokouh (far right) with a framed 30th anniversary Love Ride poster

GELNDALE, CALIF., OCT. 20–Fog hung over my head as I headed north towards Glendale H-D past downtown Los Angeles. The tequila sunrise washed the Griffith Park hills with a gauzy veil of soft orange that suddenly cleared as I approached my off-ramp. The Love Ride is still recovering from a near-fatal attack from the recession, and the crowd in Glendale ...

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52nd annual Yuma Prison Run

52nd annual Yuma Prison Run

YUMA, ARIZ., Apr. 19–21—I’m a cougar. Not that kind, but rather a Felis concolor, the feline version of the lone wolf. As a female biker who enjoys solitary journeys, many have expressed concern that I travel alone. I assure them that many riders would be passing me on the way to Yuma, so I could always get help. But over ...

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29th annual Love Ride

29th annual Love Ride at Castaic Lake

GLENDALE, CALIF., OCT 21–I’ve spent decades riding and contributing to various charities in order to establish a better image of bikers in the public’s eye, and have been greatly discouraged when certain charities decided they no longer needed nor desired our deep pockets. Throughout the years the Love Ride continued to be one of the best and largest fundraisers, beginning ...

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17th annual Run for The Grizzlies

17th annual Run for the Grizzlies

BIG BEAR LAKE, CALIF., SEPT 8—If I ever needed an excuse to leave the flatlands behind for a jaunt into the mountains, the 17th annual Run for the Grizzlies was it. Yet once again the timing was tempting fate. Not from fire, as in previous years, but in the form of weather with predictions of thunderstorms. We shall see… The ...

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Love Ride Retro 2010

This is an annual migration for me: Returning to Glendale H-D each autumn for the Love Ride. I’ve gone through many changes over the last quarter century as has this event and I’ve watched it grow from a modest picnic outing to the world’s largest one-day motorcycle charity ride. And then… Oliver Shokouh literally re­turned to the roots of the ...

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