Thunder Press’ May 2020 Issue: Women In Motorcycling

Thunder Press May 2020: Cover

Most of what’s been trending in motorcycling over the last decade or so is less-than-stellar stuff – slow new-bike sales, not enough younger riders joining our sport, and too many older, long-time riders leaving it.

Thunder Press May 2020: Intro

A significant bright spot, however, is women riders, who now make up one in every five riders, and who bring not only a fresh perspective to motorcycling but a ton of excitement, as well.

Thunder Press May 2020: Gloria

To both recognize and celebrate this wonderful trend, Thunder Press devoted its entire May issue to the movement, assembling a mammoth-sized special issue of nearly 90 pages that features on more than 20 women riders. May hosts Mother’s Day and International Female Ride Day, so celebrating women motorcyclists in May makes perfect sense.

Thunder Press May 2020: Leticia Cline

A wide range of women riders are featured, from 94-year-old industry matriarch Gloria Tramontin Struck to 12-year-old road racer Kayla Yaakov, who beats men regularly on America’s racetracks. There are plenty of high-achieving women in between these two, too, from builders to bikers to businesswomen. Their stories are certain to inspire, entertain and educate regardless of the reader’s chromosome structure, so dig in and enjoy!

Thunder Press May 2020: Hayley Bell

Aside from the magazine’s pages themselves, Thunder Press will also highlight one of the featured ladies on social media each day during the month of May – and each featured lady will also be pushing her story out to her followers. You can follow the buzz at @thunderpress on both Instagram and Facebook.

Thunder Press May 2020: Emmi Cupp

So if you’re looking for some anti-pandemic moto-entertainment during your lock-down hours, look no further than this very special issue of Thunder Press!

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