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Editorially Speaking

Southern Rail: Fountain of youth

May 11, I rolled out of bed early, invigorated and anxious, ready for one fine day. By five o’clock the coffee was ready and I was out of the shower and dressed, headed out to the shop, a spring in my step and a song in my heart. It was May 11 and I was 62 years old. In celebration ...

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One for the Road: With a little help from my friends

The Switchback started. And stalled. And wouldn’t stay running, unless, as I soon discovered, I kept the revs above 2000 rpm. Even then, it was running rough. I was 400 miles away and slated to head home the next day, but I wasn’t sure the bike and I would make the trip safely, if at all. I couldn’t imagine what ...

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Blue Dog Diaries: Just say the word

What little I know about hip cultural trends I get from glossy in-flight magazines, and that’s not exactly cutting-edge journalism, I realize. Nevertheless, it’s all I have to go on since my usual reading fare is limited to a steady diet of motorcycle books and periodicals and websites which, without the occasional fortification of airline fare, would steadily stunt my ...

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Southern Rail: Skin-deep memories

At the end of April, I had to drag the Shovelhead down to the inspection station for its yearly checkup. I never used to worry about an inspection until TX DOT changed the rules last year and mandated your vehicle receiving a equipment inspection within 60 days of your registration renewal. It’s all handled by computers now and no actual ...

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Southern Rail: Where there’s a will

Several quaint idioms came to mind as I stood there glaring at the TV. “The good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise.” “Come hell or high water.” But the one that would garner my immediate attention was, “You can’t get there from here.” Oh yeah? We’ll see about that… I was on the flip side of my ride from ...

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Blue Dog Diaries: Battling the bulge

The vest extender is a clever and decorative means of upsizing your treasured leather vest to match your girth once your six-pack abs have turned to twelve-pack flab in mid-life. As far as I know, these little appliances are unique to bikers since nobody else has the guts—or more to the point, the gut—to wear them. To us, however, they ...

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Southern Rail: Unintended exploits

Tooling along a deserted stretch of pavement in southeast Texas, I came upon another rider on the side of the road headed the opposite direction. So I did the right thing, made a U-turn and pulled up beside him. He was aboard one of those fancy dual-sport machines, a tall bike with huge aluminum panniers, stickers covering everything, a mountain ...

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One for the Road: Speed queen

Vroom. No, I mean VRRROOOOMMMM! As soon as I started her up, the throttle seemed to be stuck open—way open—scaring me half to death. I blipped the throttle a few times, made sure the handlebar idle adjustment wasn’t open, but nothing happened; it still stayed pretty near pegged. I shut her down, waited a minute or two until all the ...

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Blue Dog Diaries: Charity begins at… the Broadmoor?

In they flew to Colorado Springs, 500 strong. In they flew in business class seats on their respective flights, and upon landing headed from the airport to their ultimate destination, the historic and ultra-exclusive Broadmoor Hotel, a five-diamond resort with million-dollar mountain views, a trio of 18-hole golf courses, a world-class spa, and both indoor and outdoor swimming pools among ...

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