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Thunder Road

Thunder Press - Thunder Road Podcast

Thunder Road is the premier podcast for enthusiasts of the people, events, and machines that make up the V-Twin biker culture. Hosted by Thunder Press, the longstanding journal of the American V-Twin community, Thunder Road brings you inside the minds of the movers and shakers of our favorite hobby and pastime. Whether you’re on the move or getting greasy in the shop, Thunder Road brings you the latest info and insights in the V-Twin world. 

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Episode 2: SoundCloud, iTunes, Stitcher
Ron “Woody” Woodruff, CEO of the Sturgis Buffalo Chip.
The legendary Sturgis Buffalo Chip has become the hub for events at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, and we discuss the rally’s progress with the Chip’s president and CEO, Ron “Woody” Woodruff as the company enters its 40th anniversary. Join host Kevin Duke, Editor of Thunder Press, for podcasts about the people, the events, and the machines that rumble our riding spirits.

Episode 1: SoundCloud, iTunes, Stitcher
Visionary Tour
In Thunder Press’ inaugural podcast Between the Lines, listeners are brought to a lush corner of Tennessee to take part in the V-Twin Visionary Smoky Mountain Tour. We interview custom guru Jeff G. Holt and Smoky owner Scott Maddux. It was a wild party and we are looking forward to heading out there next year.