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And then they said… Letters to the Editor

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The Red Baron

Sam Jones an aviator? Another skillset? Sincerely, Michael “100 Mile Mike” Mihalevich That is an old photo of me in WWI, just before I shot down the Red Baron. Thanks, Slippery Sam

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Cuban sojourn

Best trip I have ever related to is Cuba by Greg Johnson. I’m 60 and all my adult life I have been told I can’t go to Cuba. I’m going and want to do the exact ride that Greg rode. Can I get info on how to contact Luis Enrique? —Craig Gray Thanks a bunch, Craig, for the kind words. ...

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Doctor’s orders

Just read the Tuff Luv piece. Having had a heart attack I can relate. The guy sounds like a co-worker I had some years ago. He and I had our issues about the same time. I followed the instructions from my doctor. He didn’t. I’m still here and he’s not.  —Mike Driggers, Georgia Glad you were smart and are still ...

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Happy reader

Shadow, I am very happy with what you are doing with the mag. Hope you are getting in lots of rides. Americade and Laconia are already here. Hopefully the rain will stop but this year isn’t looking too good! Keep up the good work! —Marc Torrisi   Marc, Thanks, Marc! I really appreciate your comments. We have more new features ...

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Feeling bookish

Hi Sam, Have you written any books? I have read a few of your articles in THUNDER PRESS and would like to read more like that. The trip to Alaska sounded interesting. It’s the kind wanderlust I always had. Never been there but I may some day. The part about worrying over the draft was very real. I never joined ...

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Stepping into retirement

What happened to Blue Dog Dairies? Terry was of my favorite people, along with Sam, Copper, and Felicia, too.  —’Brklyn’ Lee Mastro, Huntington Beach, CA Been a readin’ Blue Dog Diaries for many-a-year and suddenly it is gone. Surely not knockin’ Felicia or Shadow—but, come on—what the hell happened? —Cliff Jones, O’Brien, OR After years of leading the pack, Terry ...

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Travelin’ Woman

Hi Felicia. Thanks for the stories and the great photos. If I read right. It sounded like you are going to Mama Tried in Milwaukee. If you are riding and need a place to stay or warm up. I live in a little farm town, in an old house that use to be a guest house on the old Lincoln ...

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Lone Rider

Sam, I always enjoy your columns. Yours and the Blue Dog Diaries are the two “must reads” every time I get a hold of a Thunder Press. Your “Arguing Alone” piece this month really hit home for me. I lost my best friend, riding partner and soul mate of 30 years three years ago. We had done numerous road trips ...

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You’re never lost on a motorcycle

Shadow, I was just reading in Thunder Press about your GPS problems. Have you got the answer you need yet? I have been using a Garmin 660 from Harley that gives all the Harley dealers, and I just love it. When I want to create a route to get somewhere, I use Garmin BaseCamp and create the route and then ...

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Rockin’ Redwood

Hi Felicia, I just stumbled on the Redwood Run 2016 article in Thunder Press, thank you so much for the kind words and making us sound so cool, you’re awesome! Hope all is well and have a great New Year 2017. —Jacques Hey Jacques! Great to hear from you, Happy 2017 to you, too! As for the article, pretty easy ...

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