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Book Review: 1000 Biker Tattoos

1000 Biker Tattoos, Sara Liberte, Chad Lemme

Bikers and tattoos go together like bacon and eggs, so a book about biker tattoos had to be written. Accomplished photojournalist Sara Liberte has taken on the task, supplementing her abilities with the artistry and experience of co-author Chad Lemme. As you might expect, the book opens with a point of view on what a biker is. Let’s face it, ...

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‘Bean’re—Motorcycle Nomad’ book review

Bean're—Motorcycle Nomad

If you haven’t met him, you will surely recognize him anyhow; the lanky, top hat-wearing “Mayor of Fun” who goes by the handle of Bean’re. His larger-than-life personality is profiled in this latest offering, along with a sampling of his travels that illustrate what life without a permanent address is like. Ironically, you will probably be enjoying this from the ...

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History of the Reading Motorcycle Club 1911-2011

Not long after the first Harley-Davidsons rolled off the production line in 1903, motorcycle enthusiasts began to form riding clubs. Yet motorcycle clubs still in existence from those early days are few and far between. The Reading Motorcycle Club is part of this rarified group, and in its 100th year its members published the History of the Reading Motorcycle Club—1911–2011. ...

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Motorcycle Journeys Through North America

If you’re having trouble deciding where to go on your next big road trip, Dale Coyner presents a few options in his newest book, Motorcycle Journeys Through North America. There are a lot of miles between St. Anthony, Newfoundland, and Fairbanks, Alaska—especially if one detours to ride through New Orleans, the Texas Hill Country and along the Pacific Coast. This ...

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Biker Chicz of North America

In Biker Chicz of North America, the authors have compiled the backgrounds and current portraits of 22 contemporary women who ride Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Some of these ladies are well-known figures in the world of motorcycles, while others are more obscure. All have unique stories—tales of success, struggle, victory, redemption—all centered around a life on two wheels. The book opens with ...

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Harley-Davidson Museum Masterpieces

A handy reference to milestone models By Dain Gingerelli, photos by Randy Leffingwell Quayside Publishing, $19.99, 240 pages www.motorbooks.com This is a rare instance where I must compare a book previously reviewed in Thunder Press (Dec.’08) with a new release. The Harley-Davidson Motor Co. Archive Collection and Harley-Davidson Museum Masterpieces were both published by Quayside/Motorbooks. The motorcycles displayed in the ...

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Bikers are Animals 2: The Rest of the Crew

Celebrating childhood imagination by Paul Jamiol Dog Ear Publishing, $14.95, 37 pp. www.dogearpublishing.net “Pops has been riding a long time. Of all the animals, Pops is the oldest… his motorcycle helps to keep him young.” OK, I can definitely relate to that. And I can definitely relate to Bikers are Animals 2: The Rest of the Crew, the second in ...

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Inside Looking Out: Portraits of American Bikers, the Flash Collection II

Images of an era by Beverly Roberts Flash Productions, LLC $29.95, 151 pp. www.flashproductionsllc.com Inside Looking Out: Portraits of American Bikers, the Flash Collection II is the second in an eventual three-book series that contains the priceless vintage photographs of Jim “Flash 1%er” Miteff. As in the first book, Portraits of American Bikers in the 1960s, the photos in Inside ...

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The Fat Mexican: The Bloody Rise of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club

Armchair detective work by Alex Caine Random House Canada, $32.00, 222 pp. www.randomhouse.ca The author of Befriend and Betray is back with an offering that is focused exclusively on the Bandidos Motorcycle Club—“The Fat Mexican” is a well-known and generally affectionate referral to the Bandidos’ center patch. Caine’s singular focus is unlike his previous book, which featured vignettes about not ...

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