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Partz: Power pulse

Following on the heels of their recently released line of slip-on mufflers for the M-8, Cobra has just unveiled their new Milwaukee-Eight Head Pipes. These headers were specifically designed to complement the inner workings of the Milwaukee-Eight engine using a massive pulse chamber to amplify exhaust scavenging and increase power. They come in either chrome ($545.95) or black ($629.95), have ...

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Partz: Black box magic

Get more bang from your bike with Cobra’s new Fi2000PowrPro Black tuner. The PowrPro Black adjusts your bike based on the rate of acceleration using the latest accelerometer-enabled software proving precise real-time tuning. By reading your bike’s acceleration this unit provides the optimum air/fuel mixture with the aid of its onboard accelerometer without the need for any downloads. If further ...

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